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Bosham vs West Sussex Wanderers

posted 13 May 2010, 06:27 by Martin Farrell
17 August 2007

I don't usually get the time to post any match reports for the Sunday side but it would be remiss of me not to recount the fabulously entertaining game we hosted at Ichenor against West Sussex Wanderers.

Now I know the mere mention of an entertaining game had you thinking, what has Strudders done this time? However, John was not playing in this game as he was nursing his hernia (thanks Jim for the diagnosis) that he aggravated during his fielding heroics the previous day at Fareham. So it was a surprise to see John at Ichenor when I turned up at 1:30 to set-up. Apparently the Colts game had gone a bit longer than anticipated (9:30am start) after they had decided to play a two innings game when Bosham were dismissed a bit cheaply in their first innings.

The Wanderers were true to their name and arrived in dribs and drabs. Under the insistence of their captain it would be a forty over game for which they were eventually ready to start at 2:45 albeit with only nine men. Number 10 and 11 wandered in later.

Bosham got off to a cracking start with father-and-son duo Duncan and George Barratt smashing the ball to all corners of the ground as they put on 115 for the first wicket. Well actually Duncan did the smashing and George picked up the occasional single but it was a successful strategy. It was not until the fifth over that I noticed that the boundary markers were still set-out for the colts game and a good six to ten metres in from the regular boundary. Duncan didn't seem to mind as he raced to 98 before snicking one to the keeper and being denied his first century for Bosham.

Matthew Burley was next to bat and faced his second over in customary style; block one, hit the next three balls for consecutive fours and then get bowled. Needing to quickly get my pads on ready to bat I excused myself from umpiring duties and asked Laurence to take over. It was Matt Knapman's turn to benefit from the Sunday rotation policy and get his chance to bat up the order. As he tried to help his first delivery on around the corner to leg he unfortunately missed and it hit him on the pads. Someone (it wasn't the bowler or keeper) from the opposition had the audacity to appeal for LBW and faster than a shooting bullet Laurence triggered Matt and sent him on his way. Much diplomacy was required from the beleaguered skipper trying to assure his team that Laurence does indeed know the LBW law and that his appeals while keeping wicket are not a lack of understanding but all part of the strategy.

The rest of the innings was uneventful as Bosham piled on the runs to amass 245 from 40 overs.

In reply the Wanderers were got off to a very cautious start battling against some good bowling from Matt Price and Matt Knapman. Len Gough, returning to the side after an absence of a year, and Sam Evans took over after eight overs and both continued to bowl very well. The batsmen were unable to take advantage of the short boundaries and were reduced to 76 for 5 from their first twenty overs. Sam and Len both being rewarded with two wickets each.

It was time to let some of our not so regular bowlers turn their arms over and at one end Matthew Burley bowled three overs. He finished with superb figures of 3-1-2-1 and was only taken out of the attack because Matt Knapman threw the ball so hard at the bowler that Matthew's hand went numb and he lost all sensation in his bowling arm.

Buoyed up from taking his first ever outfield catch it was a certain Mr Tait who was making his debut as a bowler from the other end. His first couple of overs were fairly successful and included only six wides. It didn't really matter that he started to bowl the second over wearing his cap what was pure genius was that for each good delivery Laurence led his own applause. And then it happened. From the eight ball of his third over he flighted a full length delivery that deceived the batsmen and clattered into middle stump.

Matt Price had replaced Matthew Burley and took two wickets in consecutive overs to reduce the Wanderers to 112 for 9. It would have been three wickets if the captain had not totally lost concentration and taken a regulation catch at slip. Then Matt lost his action and started bowling a bit waywardly. So much so that one delivery failed to pitch on the wicket and instead shot up the backside of Matt Knapman who was innocently fielding at silly mid-off. Pricey never recovered his accuracy after that and it was left to George Barratt to dismiss the final batsmen and bring an entertaining afternoon to a close.