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To the forgotten few... (Hugh, Dave and Mark)

posted 13 May 2010, 06:16 by Martin Farrell
Not wishing to be accused of Vaughan like captaincy behaviour I'd like to pay tribute to a few of our valiant players.

Firstly to Hugh for his 'stunning low left handed catch' that he took to finish the innings against Capital. It was a remarkable effort considering the way he fumbled and dropped the regulation catch earlier in the afternoon. Well done Hugh and I hope you got home in time.

Next up, I must publicly apologise to Dave English for taking him out of the bowling attack after taking two wickets in his three overs especially as the last over was a maiden. Even though Mark came on and took two wickets in nine balls I don't think I was justified. (good enough public apology Dave? will you come back and play for us again now?)

Finally to the player who has scored 328 and taken 10 wickets from five league starts this season who was abandoned in the showers after the match as everyone (Hendo!) drove off and left him to find his own way home. We're sorry Mark. Thank goodness DG was kind enough to go back and pick him up.