League Cricket 2020

Bosham 1st XI play in Division 9 West of the Sussex cricket League, our 2nd XI play in division 11 West (South) of the sussex cricket League

1st XI Captain: Tom Glennie

Vice Captain: Adam Selves

2nd XI Captain: Tom Cowell

Vice Captain: Derek Garner

2020 Fixtures & Results

All League fixtures are cancelled due to Covid please see home page for alternative cricket form 11th July

Bosham CC Selection Policy 2019

League Cricket

All league/cup teams will be selected by the selection committee, which comprises of League & T20 Captains and a third member nominated by the club committee. For 2020 the selection committee is Tom Glennie 1s Skipper, Tom Cowell 2s Skipper and Adam Selves (committee nomination). Club Chairman Derek Garner will be copied in on all selection communications and may attend any meetings. Please note, for fridley T20s Keith, "Beefy" McGregor will oversee team selection.


It is the responsibility of all players to inform a league captain of their availability via Teamer, or another method agreed with the selection committee.

The selection committee will not be held responsible for not selecting players who have not made themselves available by the required process above.

You are required to tell a captain (or on teamer) about all injuries or restrictions to your playing time when stating your availability.

The committee will aim to pick the team as quickly as possible (normally by Monday evening), so if a player is not selected they have as much notice as possible.

Selection Principles

All paid-up members will be selected before non-members.

Player’s adherence to the Club Code of Conduct (see below).

Commitment to the club across all aspects of club life. Helping at the ground, juniors, fundraising, one off projects, and other aspects of helping maintain and grow the club for the community.

Consideration of player’s fitness, ability and form.

To, wherever possible, give fair chance to play for those who wish to and are committed to play regularly.

To be consistent in rationale for selection and non-selection.

The balance of the side on any given week.

If a player is not selected, having made themselves available, an explanation will be given to that player. Players not selected for league cricket will have priority to play in upcoming friendlies.

If a player plays one week in the 1st XI but the following week is selected in the 2nd XI the 1st XI skipper will inform the player personally of this and the reasons for the selection. If there is a gap between weeks played and a player on their return is selected in a different team it is up to the returning player to ask for personal feedback if required.

T20 & Friendly Cricket:

Paid-up members will take preference over nom paid-up players in all forms of cricket.


It is tough not getting picked when you want to play or in the team you want to play in most. However, if you have a dispute over a selection issue that you feel was not explained or was unfair, please contact a member of the selection committee, they will will discuss the matter with you and with the rest of the committee if appropriate. If you feel that does not resolve your issue then the club chairman will be informed and speak to you about it and investigate on your behalf. Further investigation and discussions may not be resolved the week of that specific selection but you will be heard in full and responded to as a valued member of the club.

Bosham Cricket Club Code of Conduct.

The MCC Sprit of Cricket is upheld at all times.

The club is a place for all members of the community and guests. We behave in a way that makes everyone, from the small children to the oldest members of the community feel safe and welcome.

We will all have opinions about teammates, umpires and opponents but we never use derogatory or offence words.

As players and members we will all have views on club issues, we express them in the correct manor but always follow our Captain on the field and assist our chosen representatives off the field.

Don’t ask who will do something for the club, step up and do it.

As players, we place the team we are playing for and the club ahead of personal achievement; the only name on our shirts is Bosham Cricket Club.